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Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Regulations

Engreen can assist and support your business to prepare for and apply for an IPPC Permit. We recognise that all facilities are unique and as such, each requires a different level of support. By working together Engreen are able to provide the best solution for your business. We offer pragmatic advice tailored to your needs throughout the IPPC application process.

Our services include:

Gap Analysis
  Assess current status of information on site and determine knowledge gaps required to prepare a duly made application
IPPC Project Management
  Co-ordinate collection of data, prepare the application and supporting documentation. Ensure integration with other relevant regulations (eg. waste management licensing, animal by-product regulations)
Application Site Reports
  Collate baseline data for the contamination status and environmental setting at the facility
Support in meetings with Regulators
  Attend all meetings as necessary with Local Authorities and Environmental Agencies
Aid in dealing with Schedule 4 notices
  Answer Regulatory queries after submission of your application to ensure successful authorisation
Raw Materials Audits
  Energy, Waste, Water audits
Authorisation implementation and improvement programmes
  Assistance in implementing improvement programmes and specific permit conditions

Once an IPPC permit has been granted by the Regulator (Environment Agency, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, Environment & Heritage Service or Local Authority), it is normal for a number of requirements to be attached which require further input. Engreen offers full support to their clients in assisting with permit conditions. These can range from implementation of environmental management systems (EMS) which is a fairly standard requirement, to upgrading abatement technologies on existing facilities.

Engreen have found that the IPPC application increases the company's understanding of their facility and highlights areas of environmental risk. Managing environmental risks within a business will not only aid the IPPC application and operation of a facility, it will also reduce financial risk, create value and increase competitiveness. Additionally a management system will facilitate greater efficiency, reduce overheads and demonstrate a commitment to continuous environmental improvement.

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